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Senseez Not Just For Therapy!

Senseez tools can be used not only therapeutically, but also for fun and games!
Here are several ways that Senseez tools can be incorporated into activities in the home, school, day camp, birthday party… you name it, there’s a game for it!

1. “Hot potato” – children sit in a circle and pass around the Senseez object while singing the song of the game. The last person to hold the object at the end of the song is “out.” Continue until a winner is found!
2. “Glide” – place the weighted objects on a glider board with a rope tied to each object. Children pull the objects towards themselves with the rope.
3. “Flying Animals” – amongst a crowd of people, one person tosses a Senseez stuffed animal into the air and the players must keep the animal airborne by throwing it and tossing it. The person who lets the animal fall to the ground is “out.”
4. “Sandwich game” – stack up alternating layers of cushions and children as high as you can go to make a sandwich. Parents can play with their kids, while helping children work on the development of the proprioceptive sense!
5. “Follow the yellow brick road” – set up cushions like a road with twists and turns between two points (ex: two kitchen chairs). The kids take turns jumping onto the road to see how quickly they can make it from one chair to the next without falling off the pillows. This fun, competitive game also works on the proprioceptive sense!
6. “Musical pillows” – a game of traditional musical chairs, but the chairs are replaced with vibrating cushions or pillows.

It doesn’t have to stop here. Senseez tools can also be incorporated into make-believe games around the house, hide and seek, classic games like monkey in the middle, tag, and red rover. Senseez pillows are unique, with lots of ways to play!

Senseez not just for therapy!