Our Story

Senseez. To ease the senses.
Let me tell you the story of how Senseez was created…
When my son was 2, he was diagnosed with a special need. One of his difficulties was sitting in one place long enough to eat his meal, read a story, or sit for circle time.
I spoke to an occupational therapist who recommended a vibrating mat to help with this. I bought one for my son, and he instantly loved the sensations! But one day, I wanted to take him to our local library for story telling, and though the mat would help… it was large, black, heavy, and had to be plugged in. I was also concerned about my son looking different or standing out with this large mat.
So I went on a search to find a small, lightweight, portable pillow that would offer the same sensations that he could take with him. I couldn’t find one! The original prototypes were sewn in the basement of our home!
Senseez was born!
Senseez proudly supports different special needs organizations and children’s charities. In April 2013, we were also invited to do a taping on the Dragon’s Den television show. Today, we can be found across retail stores, educational catalogues, clinics, and online outlets throughout the World. The feedback we get is so positive, and the ways in which the pillows are being used is so inspiring.
We are thrilled that our pillow is helping children, parents, teachers and therapists!