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I wanted to share a positive story regarding your Senseez Pillows. I gave one of the pillows to my client who is part of your deaf blind program. Although she is very fluent in hand over hand sign language as well as Braille, she struggles a lot with expressive communication. We have been working closely with her to initiate request, preferences, feelings.....communication in general. The pillow was introduced during a session as a sensory aid with vibration. She immediately started hugging the pillow and placing it behind her back .....all while signing the word “happy”. While her expressive communication still remains a struggle, she is now on a regular basis asking for the “vibrating pillow”. She has created a sign that meshes together the words vibrate and pillow, which she independently will communicate to others! It’s a huge break through!!!!!! It is the first time she has communicated a want. Needless to say, we will be needing some more pillows.☺

DASCH, Winnipeg, Manitoba

We had a couple of kids test it out yesterday, and they didn’t want to get off! It is our favorite sensory seating option that we ordered… we will probably be ordering more. Thank you!

Discovery Primary School, Washington

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